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SAGITTARIUS BIRTHDAY - Free Astrology Report and Forecast for Sagittarius


You are very energetic now and in need of vigorous exercise or lovemaking to properly channel it. You feel particularly self-reliant today, though romantic feelings towards others are on the rise. You may pick up deep insights today.

Enthusiastic passion is your key term at this time, which manifests itself in art and a physical desire for the other sex. It is a good transit for intimate sex and your appeal should be high.

You mark a time of hard work and responsibility, both in salvaging some endeavors, which appear to be failing, and in branching out in new directions. This transit signifies the end of an era. It is an extremely positive aspect conferring a lofty perspective and an inner strength that prepares you for the next stage of your evolution.

Don't close your mind to other's opinions, even if they differ from yours, you should take care not to let your wants get in the way of a close friendship. Giving of you now can be a tremendous boon to someone close. This indicates a time when social activities with friends will be extremely enjoyable. Be careful, though, not to go overboard when celebrating!

This time imparts deep feelings and sympathies for others today. You may go out of your way to understand what's bothering a friend or relative. This is also a great time just to “walk” in someone else’s shoes.

Now, tensions between you and a partner or loved one may increase because of difference of opinions. You will most likely be full of energy at this time and ready to "take on the world". The synthesis of your creative energy with a partner's realism and practicality could prove most rewarding. Failure to do so may cause unwanted problems.

This moment in time may fill you with unrealistic expectations about a partner. While your ability to detect your partner's true feelings is great, you should not let your high romanticism cloud your judgment of other's abilities and talents.

Thorough timings promise to make these days most agreeable, if you take the time to understand and form realistic expectations of others. Also, there may be strong desires to break any chains, which you feel constrict you in your personal relationships now.

You score poorly for intimate relationships in the near future. It is important at this time to have a realistic understanding of your own and your partner's abilities and strengths. Don't put lovers on pedestals now.

You may spend a great deal of time and money in the quest of romance. Sex drive is strong during this transit, but you should relate this energy elsewhere, like in creative pursuits, if no outlet is available. You should be wary of engaging in romantic activity merely to satisfy desires at this time.

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SAGITTARIUS BIRTHDAY - Free Astrology Report and Forecast for Sagittarius

As if you were riding on the 8th planet from the sun, this phase foretells a strange phase in your life in which you may be seduced by radical ideas or alternate realities.

Follow the pied piper only if your heart agrees it is the right thing to do.

There may difficulty in getting things done at the moment. You may experience strife at the workplace and an inability to keep your mind on pressing matters. On the other hand, projects may come to fruition during this transit. You may cause problems at work since this transit brings a desire to relax and just "take it easy". For the most part, you should try to combine both work and pleasure in the best productive way possible.

Avoid conflicts with associates where the "good of the company" is involved and exercise caution during any business-related travel. Also, this is a good time to stay in the office if at all possible.

You may experience difficulties between you and a friend.

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