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Consent For Collection of Child's Information From Parent

For Collection of Child's Information and for Child's Participation in Interactive Activities in which the Child May Disclose Information. In order to participate in certain activities such as contests and games, story submission, chat room, blog, and gift registry, we would first require your child to register with us by asking that you supply us with his or her name, user name, password, e-mail address, street address, and phone number. (The phone number would only be used in case there is a problem with the registration for the activity.) We would also ask your child to consent to adhere to our online practices and procedures. YOU SHOULD BE AWARE, however, that by permitting your child to partake in these online activities, your child could have the opportunity to post information about themselves by supplying personal information in the submission that others could read. Please select which activities you would like your child to be able to participate in by checking the appropriate box(es) on the form that follows.

Sagittarius Birthday cannot, and will not, condition participation in any activity upon disclosure of more information than is reasonably necessary to participate in such an activity If your child does not already have your Parental Consent to an activity on file with Sagittarius Birthday, we would require consent before your child may engage in story submissions, contests/games and drawings, chat room, and gift registry. The information supplied by you would be used to facilitate your child’s use of our online activities for which a user name and password are required. We will also collect your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address in order to ensure that you as a parent or guardian have provided consent. This allows us to provide you access to your child's information upon request, and to take any appropriate actions that you may request with respect to information about your child (e.g., taking down a chat room submission from your child, if you so request).

Once you sign this consent and mail or fax it back to us, we will assign your child a user name and a password. Your child will use this user name and password in order to participate in the online activities that you consent to below in the event Sagittarius Birthday decides to provide such activities in the future.

Please review our Privacy Statement/Children's Statement, which provides additional information regarding Sagittarius Birthday's privacy policies.

[Go to the Consent Form] For Children under 13 years of age.

This policy was last updated on 03/19/2005. Page 1 of 2.
for Information from the Federal Trade Commission about protecting children's privacy online.
Parent or Guardian: The purpose of the following form is to obtain your consent for the limited collection of information about your child under the age of 13, born (Date/time Script) or later, on Sagittarius Birthday's website(s), and your consent for your child's participation in interactive online activities where your child may disclose information to Sagittarius Birthday and to the general public who visits the website.

At the present time, Sagittarius Birthday, Inc. does not collect any personally identifying information on its website. In the future, Sagittarius Birthday may decide to launch certain website activities that would require your child to provide limited personal information as reasonably necessary to participate in the activity.

In connection with possible future website activities, Sagittarius Birthday seeks your consent to collect certain personally identifiable information regarding your child online, such as name, gender, age, and/or stories, letters, drawings, and other contest submission materials. Sagittarius Birthday cannot collect this information without your consent, and you are under no obligation to provide such consent. If you consent, Sagittarius Birthday may use this information to contact your child (e.g., if he or she wins a contest or requests information or if his or her story submission or drawing is selected for posting on the website, etc.). Sagittarius Birthday may also use this information for internal purposes (e.g. preparation of internal reports regarding website usage), and may provide aggregate information, but not personally identifiable to your child, to others (e.g. the total number of children visiting the site) for purposes of compiling reports which may be provided to employees or agents of the company (such as an advertising agency) for Sagittarius Birthday’s marketing purposes. However, Sagittarius Birthday will never sell or transfer any personal information about your child for use by any third parties, except as may be required by law or to protect Sagittarius Birthday or another party's legal rights.
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