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Welcome to Sagittarius Birthday.

Sagittarius Sun Sign on the Ascendant

Optimistic and freedom loving.
Intellectual and philosophical.
Blindly optimistic and careless.
Irresponsible and superficial.
Tactless and restless.
Philosophical, offhand, adventurous.

Strongly aware of the world about them, these people have a consciously developed depth of character.

At some point in their life many Sagittarians make a true assessment of their own shortcomings, which enables them to achieve personal harmony that might otherwise be denied by their volatile natures.

They can be objective and eager to know more about themselves and unlike some people do not shy away from the quest for self-knowledge, in fact they may be fascinated by it.

However, they must allow time for thought, as their downfall can lie in thinking they have all the answers, when in fact many important details are missing through a lack of thoroughness.

At their most highly developed, these people are the philosophers of the zodiac, although sometimes they can be the proverbial "armchair philosopher" who lives out an adventurous nature vicariously through others.

Intellectual challenge is essential and a claustrophobic lifestyle will have disastrous psychological effects. When life offers no challenge, the usual optimistic, enthusiastic outlook will be clouded, and uncharacteristic depression will set in.

At this point the individual may seek a change of lifestyle, throw caution to the wind and perhaps opt for a complete change of scene.

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The need for constant challenges that is so important to a Sun sign Sagittarian, is even greater when Sagittarius is the rising sign on the Ascendant.

These people have what it takes to exploit their potential to the full and if early encouragement was given they will move forward in life with ever-increasing self-confidence.

These individuals will have great expectations, which stem from a positive, optimistic outlook and their goals will probably be accomplished.
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