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Sagittarius Sun sign basic personality

Optimistic and freedom loving.
Intellectual and philosophical.
Blindly optimistic and careless.
Irresponsible and superficial.
Tactless and restless.
Philosophical, offhand, adventurous.

Natural excitement and enthusiasm can feed the innate Sagittarian tendency to take risks, which can become foolhardiness, especially when young. Developing their inherent intellectual powers will enable these people to avoid unnecessary risks. They should also cultivate a more philosophical outlook.

If their natural exuberance isn't controlled it will become boisterous. Their enjoyment of life and sense of humor are charming but can sometimes get out of hand, they should remember that practical jokes are rarely funny for their victims.

One of the dual signs of the zodiac, Sagittarians enjoy versatility but it may contribute to the tendency to move too quickly from one task to another, or to be involved in too many things at once. Greater satisfaction will come from steadily working through one project towards the next.

Those with this Sun-sign can have great breadth of vision and the ability to assimilate quickly what may be a complex situation. However, these people are not usually good at coping with detail, which bores them.

In ignoring the small print they can run into difficulties, so should always be patient and careful when entering into business transactions or signing contracts.

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Challenge is important to the fulfillment of the Sagittarian life. When an achievement is accomplished, Sagittarius soon begins work on the next one.

The compulsion to set new targets and meet them is so strong that it can become all-consuming and current activities may be neglected because the eye is always on future plans.

Sagittarian enthusiasm, optimism and zest for life are second to none but some discipline is needed to keep it in check. The worst fault can be restlessness, as these individuals don't always see projects through to the end.
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