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Sagittarius Sun Sign in a Family

Optimistic and freedom loving.
Intellectual and philosophical.
Blindly optimistic and careless.
Irresponsible and superficial.
Tactless and restless.
Philosophical, offhand, adventurous.

There is tremendous potential here, but it must be properly nurtured and positively guided to avoid boredom in the child's' daily activities. Otherwise restlessness may lead to mischief and pranks, as Sagittarian children find it difficult to obey school rules. However, if treated as intelligent people and good reasons are explained, sensible restrictions will be accepted.

Achievement will feed enthusiasm, whether in class, on the sports field or during after school activities. Sagittarian children often excel in sports and their reading and language skills should be encouraged from an early age. Their ability to relate a good story will be recognizable early on and they may have a flair for drama.

As parents, Sagittarians are admirable: they respond in a lively way to their children and encourage their interests and activities. However, it is vital that a Sagittarian mother doesn't sacrifice her own interests entirely to those of her family but tries to set time aside for herself.

No matter how much she loves her children, their limited conversation will not be sufficiently stimulating over time and restlessness may urge her to seek an outlet or means of escape.

Ideally, new projects should be started as soon after the birth of a child as possible, to provide the mother with activities that pique her interest.

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Enthusiasm is a wonderful element in any child, but in young Sagittarians it can be so generous that it needs to be channeled into the right directions.

Similarly, these children can be boisterous and may need a calming influence. The parents should discover as early as possible in the child's life where his or her true interests lie.
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