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Sagittarius Sun Sign in a Partnership

Optimistic and freedom loving.
Intellectual and philosophical.
Blindly optimistic and careless.
Irresponsible and superficial.
Tactless and restless.
Philosophical, offhand, adventurous.

These people are often the bachelors of the zodiac, a trait shared with their opposite sign of Gemini who also become restless and need a variety of partners.

Sagittarians can be passionately attracted to a partner instantly, but just as easily become bored, as they need constant stimulation to fan the flames of desire.

Communication is very important and anyone less than an intellectual equal will not stay the course. These individuals may not always be truthful to partners, but this is not necessarily intentional.

They can get so caught up in their own terrific story that they believe it themselves and may sometimes think that a good intention justifies the means to an end. However the fun loving Sagittarian can build a harmonious relationship with the right partner, one who shares a love of travel and the quest for knowledge.

Sex is greeted with customary Sagittarian enthusiasm and exuberance and when young, a possible partner's sexual attractions can be irresistible.

With experience they will look for other qualities, someone whose intelligence matches their own, and with whom they can be friends as well as lovers.

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No true Sagittarian can cope with claustrophobic conditions; they need a lot of space, particularly within personal relationships.

A possessive, suspicious or jealous partner will not last long and the Sagittarian independent spirit won't tolerate any restrictions on personal freedom.
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